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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Stem I'm Building

I want to make a new stem for my touring bike, one that's a little more aggressive, with less drop (10 degrees vs 17) and more length (110mm vs 100). So I first had to draw it in SolidWorks, which is a modeling program that you can do pretty much anything in.

Here's the drawing I'll make it from -- except that it needs a little tweaking: the binder bolts that hold the bars in place need to be rotated so that they're parallel to the ends of the steerer tube clamp (see the upper-left drawing). The T-shaped slot with a single binder bolt on the steerer side (see the isometric view) is a design I stole from Steelman Cycles.

Click to biggify. If anyone is super dorky and wants to look at this in CAD, email me for the file.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Process photos

I finally TIG-welded some practice pieces that don't look like shit! This one is a simulation of the stays on the Long Haul that I'm building.


We continued working on the folding bike, which will be almost entirely brazed, except for the chainstay-dropout joints, which our teacher is having us TIG weld (and there's no going back, now that they're tacked with stainless steel, since you can't braze over stainless).


Fitting up the stays:


The thin concentric line of brass is where we attached the angled plug (which is why the end of the stay is solid).





Annnnnnnnnd that's all Lightroom will upload for now. Slow connection. More soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Come chat with me at Columbia on 10/23! & Check out this trike!

The poster for the discussion went out today! (The lecture itself will be from 1:10-2:25 that same day, location TBD.)

Plus, the big wheel franken-trike that I helped design and build is done! 20" front wheel, 16" rear, saddle from an old office chair, cranks MIG welded to the axles, bars and stem from an old BMX rig, chassis stolen from a cargo trailer, badassery all around. Check it out:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

8/16 McKenzie River

The adult-sized big wheel trike we're working on is coming along well! Pics soon. I'm getting better at brazing, and more comfortable with the industrial sewing machine, too. And Occupy Medical made me an official Triage badge, so I'm legit and stuff.

Here's Shamala brazing the seat-tube/top-tube joint on the folding bike we're making (I did the head-tube/top-tube joint):

Yesterday my friend Snow and I took the #91 bus an hour and a half to the McKenzie Bridge Ranger Station, where we set out along the McKenzie river trail, touted as Oregon's best mountain bike trail (we were on foot). Snow taught me a lot about the plant species native and endemic to the area, like Douglas Fir, Incense Cedar, and Vine Maple, as well as some edibles: salal berries (kinda yum; "subtle," Snow says) and wild Oregon grapes (hella yum). I got to take a post-prandial nap on a bed of pine needles, and managed to write a little bit while perched on a bridge built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 30s or 40s (below). I don't know squat about writing poetry, but I've been enjoying it, and the few people I've shared it with have encouraged me to keep going; I hope they feel comfortable telling me when it sucks, too. Removing myself from my friends and context and obligations back home has opened up some creative space, it seems. We did 10 miles or so before catching the bus back to Eugene, where, as always, beer awaited.

No title

Rush - not Limbaugh
Is the noise of the tributary pink or white?
Louder than expected

Claim staked on a high-traffic footbridge, muse interrupted
Water all consonant blends
Shhh and whoosh and ssssss
Atop the bridge, cat-tail cordage
A dalliance with whitewater
Dallying for breath and three postures
Pseudo-firs authentically here and now, alive

Recalling families in Latin dyads as if they were our own
BLM plots and clear-cuts weave cartographic plaid
Encrusting sedimentary memories of professed sedition
We bookend the bridge
Sentinels on a bank of climes that climb
Our faces and sensing parts engaged
Feeling carries the day